Local Development Strategy

Akhalkalaki Local Development Strategy (LDS) is a vision of promoting economic, social, cultural and ecological development of Akhalkalaki municipality and improving the quality of life of its population. The LDS has been developed using a consultative process and broad involvement of local population, communities, organisations and individuals representing different section of the Akhalkalaki municipality. Particular input was made by the members of the Akhalkalaki Local Action Group (LAG). Please download Akhalkalaki development strategy and attached documents from the links below:

COVID-19 Grant Manual

Full Application Form

Local Development Strategy (LDS) of Akhalkalaki

Appendix 1. Baseline Survey for Akhalkalaki LDS Development Study of the Community Problems and Needs

Appendix 2. LDS Development Process

Appendix 3. LAG Charter

Appendix 4. Grant Manual

Appendix 5. Declaration of Conflict of Interests

Appendix 6. Akhalkalaki municipality population, ethnicity and gender by administrative-territorial units

Appendix 7. Agriculture Profile of the Akhalkalaki Municipality_

Appendix 8. Key Services and Programs in Akhalkalaki Municipality