Akhalkalaki Local Action Group

Important Information
With the Support of EU Akhalkalaki LAG Announces a grant competition to overcome the challenges caused by COVID-19

The grants competition starts on September 18 and will end on September 30 at 17:00.

The grant application must be submitted in Georgian language, electronically. To the following address: applications@akhalkalakilag.ge

Please see all the documents required for the application at the following address: https://rb.gy/4gahgz

About the project
Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Department of Rural Development (GIPA / GRDD) is implementing the project "Promoting Rural Development in Akhalkalaki". Project Partners are Mercy Corps, ELVA - Community Involvement and Western Cork Development Partnership. The project is funded by the European Neighborhood Program (ENPARD) of  Agriculture and Rural  Development.

The project is implemented in Akhalkalaki municipality, and its purpose is to introduce inclusive solutions to the above-mentioned, which envisages full involvement of Akhalkalaki communities and local groups. Within the framework of the project, special emphasis will be on involving women and young people.

The duration of the project is 44 months (November / 2016 - July / 2020)
Address: Gusan Havasi str. # 2, 0700 Akhalkalaki, Georgia
Work hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 - 18:00
Email: info@akhalkalakilag.ge

Contact persons
Sergey  Khachatryan- Chairman of Akhalkalaki Local Action Group
Tel: +995 599199746


Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) was established in 1994. The Georgian Rural Development Department (GRDD) of GIPA is the successor of a USDA-funded program launched in June 2003 and managed by GIPA since April 2005. The GRDD of GIPA promotes rural development and an improved quality of life for Georgia’s rural population through knowledge-based agricultural education. Specific activities include providing a wide variety of services such as education and capacity-building, institutional development, designing sustainable socio-economic solutions for conflict and economically depressed zones, policy making and administration in the fields of agriculture, rural development and project management. Key fields of expertise and intervention are agriculture, veterinary, animal health, food safety, agricultural statistics, agro-business, professional and vocational education and the rural economy.
Mercy Corps is International Not for profit organization established in 1979. Since then, Mercy Corps have helped all over the world people grappling with the toughest hardships survive — and then thrive. That’s the heart of our approach: we help communities turn crisis into opportunity.
Our mission is:
Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. From 2000 Mercy Corps are working in Georgia. The’ goal in Country is to create stable and secure communities in regions impacted by poverty and conflict.
Mercy Corps is helping Georgian farmers by using an integrated approach to address all these issues, rather than treating them as separate and disconnected problems. We have established a centrally-located Rural Service Center that provides communities and local farmers with important agricultural and economic information and training, as well as assistance in connecting with markets and buyers.
West Cork Development Partnership (WCDP) is one of network of 36 local development companies operating in the rural areas of Ireland. WCDP having worked on LEADER in Ireland since its inception in the early 90s.Company provided a broad range of supports and services and undertakes initiatives for the development of the West Cork region.
A core principle guiding the work of the WCDP is to demonstrate the importance and value of direct support for local development initiatives and to further develop an environment and culture conducive to and supportive of local community and enterprise development.
Over the LEADER implementation WCDP engaged in a comprehensive consultation process throughout the region. This was carried out through a variety of media and public events all of which invited priority actions, innovative plans and ideas, strategies or observations to be submitted for consideration for inclusion in the proposed Local Development Strategy.
Elva is a mobile phone platform that empowers communities to map and analyse issues they care about and to work with decision makers to develop an effective and locally appropriate response.