Study Visit to Kazbegi

On October 12-13th Akhalkalaki local development group members went on a study visit to Kazbegi. The purpose of the visit was to share experience. For 2 days the group members were introduced to local development strategy, grant competition principles and various challenges in implementing projects. Kazbegi development group was established in 2015 and has been supported by “People In Need”.

There are 30 members in Akhalkalaki development group. Their main function is to identify the needs of the community, develop strategies and implement projects. For now, they are supported by the project “Promoting a New Rural Development Approach in Akhalkalaki” that is being implemented by Georgian Rural Development Department of GIPA, in the framework of ENPARD. After developing the strategy, members of the group will be engaged in finding funding opportunities for various activities and events. Along with sharing this local experience, Irish West Cork Partnership periodically conducts training sessions for the group members.