Europe Day Celebration in Akhaltsikhe

Akhaltsikhe hosted another fun and interesting event held to celebrate Europe Day. Representatives of EU delegation to Georgia with EU partners organized event dedicated to Europe Day Celebration on Saturday, 29th of September, 2018. The historic Rabati Castle was turned into the European Village that created opportunity for the visitors to travel into European Union and participate in the different activities.

Guests could get information about EU developing programmes and find out more about the opportunities EU creates for the single citizen to improve their well-being.

Europe Day was officially opened by Governor of Samtskhe-Javakheti Besik Amiranashvili, Mayor of Akhaltsikhe Zaza Melikidze, French Senator and Representative of EU delegation to Georgia Mikolaj Bekasiak.

Throughout the event, few beneficiaries of ENPARD from Akhalkalaki and Borjomi municipalities presented EU-funded agricultural and rural development products. Cooperatives “Moskhi”, “Khulgumo 2010”, “Mziuri Javakheti” and “Mtis Surneli” exhibited agricultural products. Moreover, the ENPARD tent was attended by rural development initiatives “Combined Food Production”, “Wooden Souvenirs” and “Virtual Tours of Georgia” together with Local Action Groups (LAGs) from Akhalkalaki and Borjomi. In addition, Samtskhe-Javakheti State University presented publications and EU-supported research works in regards of agriculture and exhibited agro-products from its demonstration plot.

The Europe Day celebration will continue in October. Next stop will be Batumi.